Six Degrees of Separation

Six degrees of separation is the theory that you are connected to another person on Earth within six or less people.  We always encounter someone who knows someone who knows someone. Six degrees of separation is very important in your career development.   As you develop your social network, you’ll find that the six degrees of […]


Why You Should Have Mentors and Advocates

In the past, people often received career advice about how important it is to get a mentor. Now, people are receiving career advice about how having a mentor is passe because the mentor allegedly prevents you from innovating and improving the day-to-day operations of an organization. The new buzz in career advice is getting an […]


You Better Love Working in Information Technology (IT) – or Else!

In my career as a manager and professor, I have unfortunately seen people choose Information Technology (IT) as a career for the wrong reasons.  The primary reason why they choose IT is money.  Yes, it’s true that IT is a relatively high paying job and requires less schooling than other high paying professions like doctors, […]